All Liquid Air Separation Plant

Air separation unit (ASU) is an integral process to many other processes mainly because of the importance of its constituent gases to many industrial processes. For example, oxygen is used in medical and other industrial processes such as metal, glass, ammonia, oxy- fuel combustion and integrated gasification combined cycle, nitrogen finds use in the chemical ,petroleum, food, electronics industries, while argon is used as an inert shielding gas in welding and others.

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Air Separation Unit

All Liquid Air Separation Plant
This is normally considered a merchant plant. All desired product is liquefied for shipment in cryogenic transport trailers or rail cars. Generally, these units make liquid Oxygen (LOX), liquid Nitrogen (LIN) and liquid Argon (LAR) simultaneously or alternatively. These products are delivered into cryogenic tanks at the users site, where it is either warmed back to a gas before use or used as a liquid. Typically the only users that utilize liquid products are food freezers, oil field service companies or other processes that require very cold temperatures. The skid mounted plants are pre-wired and pre-piped for a compact, modular design. This allows for simple initial field erection or relocation. Liquid plants are typically sized to produce from 5 to 400 tons per day of combined product.

Highlights of All Liquid Product Plant
● Customization: Each unit is tailored to the customer’s request in order to meet individual needs. All projects can present different challenges in terms of economics, components, and operations. By working collaboratively with the client, each challenge is analyzed and tackled, resulting in the best overall project outcome.

● Flexible Solution: Plants can be designed to allow maximum flexibility of the unit either in terms of products, power consumption, availability time or total production. This characteristic allows customers to better follow market fluctuations and requests or utilities costs frames optimizing normal operations.
● Quality and functional check in GreenFir’s own workshop.
● State-of-the-art control system designed to allow unattended night-shift operation enabling remote optimization, problem solving and remote start-up as well as unattended startup.
● High reliability due to high plant safety and long-term experience in process design, plant engineering and construction.
● High quality by applying a quality management system according to ISO 9001 standard.

Typical plant configuration
A complete plant configuration includes:
● Main air compressor(s), where air is compressed up to the required process pressure.
● Pre-cooling system to cool the compressed air.
● Pre-treatment section for H2O and CO2 removal.
● Cold box where air is separated to obtain the necessary products.
● Expander to provide the refrigeration to produce liquids.
● Booster air compressor to further increase compressed air from the MAC and provides countercurrent stream for evaporation.
● Storage and vaporization back-up system.

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  • An air separation plant separates atmospheric air into its primary components, typically nitrogen and oxygen, and sometimes also argon and other rare inert gases. Cryogenic air separation units play a significant role in a wide range of industrial settings, providing a high rate of pure oxygen, nitrogen, and argon, liquid or gaseous product, for many critical applications, such as iron and steel, electric power, copper semlting, chemical, oil refining, glass industries and medical use.

    GreenFir has successfully developed innovative technical solutions based on internal know-how for air separation units (ASU). Plants are based on the use of cryogenic technology for air fractionation in order to have products, simultaneously or alternatively, in either gaseous or liquid form.

    For maximum customer’s satisfaction, GreenFir manufactures air separation units as per individual projects considering the particularities of their production and available infrastructure. The units are based on state-of- the art circuit designs and engineering solutions, completed with assembly sets and unit made by leading domestic and foreign manufacturers, and feature a high level of automation, reliability and low specific power consumption. Units of low and medium capacity are manufactured as packaged with the maximum operational availability.

    GreenFir provides warranty and aftersale service of its ASUs, and provides spare parts for them throughout the service life.

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